New sights to see and treats to eat at this year’s State Fair

CREATED Jul 31, 2013

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WEST ALLIS - It's a new year and new adventures for the State Fair.

If food is first on your list, The Machine Shed knows everything's better with bacon. One new concoction is called "Spicy Pig Candy."

"We take sugar, a little corn syrup, cayenne pepper, and jalapenos. We render the sugar down to make a candy. We cook the bacon on a stick. We dip it in the candy and that's your finished product," said Mike Hebbring of the Machine Shed.

Hold on tight.  The "Fry Dog" is a doozy.

"We batter dip it lightly in batter, just something to hold the fries on. Then we re-dip again in the same batter but we add ranch dressing to it to make it a little flavorful, stick the fries to it, and drop it in the fryer."

From tasty treats to taming the wild, monkeys make their debut this year and four rare white tigers will take your breath away.

"There's only 500 in the world. In our zoos today here in America, there's only about 50 of them," explained Lisa Lopez of All Things Wild Zoological Parks.

You can feed them if you're feeling adventurous.

Just around the corner, Herb's Superb Milkhouse has a new spot on the south side of the park, but the milk will still set you back only 25 cents.

Plenty to see and do, some of it old, some new,  but all of it in the forecast for State Fair fun.

"I haven't had a chance to talk to (John) Malan or (Brian) Gotter but the weather gods are telling me things are looking real promising," said Dave Schmidt, the head baker of the famous cream puffs.

The gates open at 8:00 am.