Letter from Trevor Marsicano

By Rick Rietbrock

Hello Everyone!

I thought I would recap on the past few days.  Everything has been happening so fast.  The highlight in he past week has definitely been walking into the Opening Ceremonies!  What a rush!  I tried to get right up front because I know there are a few opening ceremony parties that were hoping to see me.  From what I heard I think I did get some tv time.  I was the second row.  What did you think of the outfits?  It was so funny waiting to go in because since the ceremonies were indoors this year we were all struggling with trying to stay cool (go figure).  We had a thick sweater with a down jacket.  Thinking it would be outdoors.  We started in the village and then got bused over to the hockey arena.  We were headed there for about 30 minutes till we were escorted over to the GM Arena.  Then we had to walk around under the stands till we got to the opening where we could march in.  It was so funny because there were some chanting wars going on between all the countries.  We all shout U S A.  And then the next country would start, then the next, and so on.   It was really fascinating to get to enter as an athlete.  I got a long video shot of it so when I am allowed to release it Ill post it.  It was great to be able to share that experience with Jill as well =).  Im so proud of her!
Yesterday was my first race.  The 5k.  I finished 14th.  As I enter the middle of the ice to warm-up I was thinking, wow this is it.  There was a count-down clock by the start to let the starter know when to start us because of replay and commentating between the races on TV.  Since I was with Canadian Denny Morrison it was pretty loud.  My coach Paul Marchese was able to be on the pads for my race.  I am very happy that happened.  He can feed me information that no other coach can because he has been working with me for so long.  That was cool!  My grandparents arrived a day ago so they were able to sit in the stands and watch me race.  I am so happy that they came.  They are here through my 1500m race.  After my race I called them because I didnt know where they were sitting.  Once I found out where they were the TV cameras found them and put them up on the big screen in the rink talking to me.  I enjoyed seeing that!  Then I meet them after the races and walked with them over to the bus.  Got to catch up for a bit.  They are so awesome!
Now I get to go see Jill race.  She races around 2:15pm Vancouver time.  So be on the lookout for her and send your prayers her way!  GO BABY GO!  =)

Until next time!  Stay Strong, Stay Positive!