Jake's Journal: Michael Redd's Shoes, Mouth Guard

By Katie DeLong

MILWAUKEE – Olympic athletes are looking for anything that can give them an edge. Michael Redd’s personal trainer showed off two things Redd is using to improve his performance. “Michael Redd is going to be wearing a shoe by Nike called the Hyper Dunk, which is the lightest basketball shoe ever made. It’s basically made of nylon stitching that has no leather base to it, so it makes it weigh under eight ounces,” David Pritchard said. Redd is also wearing a new device called the “Pure Power Mouth Guard,” customized to fit his bite. Pritchard, of 180 Fitness in Milwaukee, showed how it works, using a pen. “We’re going to take this pen and put it in your mouth in such a way that it corrects your overbite, so what this does not, it completely puts your neck and shoulders in balance together, so it allows you to generate more strength and power,” Pritchard said. A few other professional athletes are testing the mouth guard, looking for any legal way to get an edge.