Jake's Journal: Sally Barkow

By Katie DeLong

Monday night in Jake’s Journal: an Olympic sailor from Nashotah is currently in fourth place, about half way through her event. Sailing runs in Sally Barkow's family. “I grew up sailing here on Pine Lake. My parents were very involved in, you know, developing youth programs and things like that,” Barkow said. She had three brothers who she was chasing around the course and then they were chasing her around the course. Barkow went on to win awards sailing at Old Dominion University. Now, she's in her first Olympics. “It's so much fun to be out there competing against the world's best and seeing how we can do time after time,” Barkow said. She and her crew might do very well. “We're the longest team to stay together. We've been racing together for the past six years now, which is really valuable,” Barkow said. Back in Nashotah, the Olympic rings fly proudly above her parents' dock. She's proud to represent Wisconsin. “Everybody's saying ‘congratulations we're watching you on TV. We're watching you on the internet.’ That's awesome. That support, you know that fan club is just what it's about,” Barkow said. Barkow’s team is currently in fourth place after four of 11 races.