Menomonee Falls picks a prom king

Menomonee Falls picks a prom king

CREATED May 12, 2013

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MENOMONEE FALLS - For teens, prom is their night to feel like a star. But all that goes into the evening momentarily took a back seat at Menomonee Falls junior prom.

Instead, students hearts were on display as they voted Prescott Doebler their 2013 prom king.
The honor caught both Prescott and his parents by surprise.

He's no doubt a popular fixture at school. Prescott also has down syndrome.

"Being crowned the king like this, I think that will take a little bit to sink in," said his dad, Todd Doebler.

"Prescott is a very outgoing social person, obviously so I don't think he quite understands what this means yet," added mom, Carol.

School officials say Prescott won the honor by a landslide. A thought that left them smiling after thinking about it.

His parents beamed as they snapped photos in the audience while Prescott soaked in the limelight on stage.

It's a moment they won't soon forget.

"This really speaks a lot about the people that are at this school and the way things have come around over the ages for special children," said Carol.

A display of sincere compassion from kids who so often are each other's worst critic.

Tammy Thorlackson was thrilled when she heard the news. She works with special education students, helping them make the transition from school to life after, be it a career or further education.

"I'm hoping that with the experience we're having in our high school that this can happen more often and that students with disabilities are recognized as being part of the group."

Prescott has been involved with his peers in regular education classes since early on.

He hopes to one day work at the fire department with his dad.