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Darling stumps for votes

CREATED Jul 12, 2011

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THIENSVILLE - Re-introducing herself to voters, Republican State Senator Alberta Darling is collecting votes and lots of money.

“I think people are very supportive,” said Darling.
According to campaign finance numbers, she’s well ahead of her likely challenger, Democratic State Representative Sandy Pasch.
So far this year, Darling raised nearly $958,000 compared to $431,000 for Pasch, however Pasch only started fund-raising when she announced her candidacy in May.
Right now, Darling has about $400,000 on hand, compared to $216,000 for Pasch.
“Generally in Wisconsin politics and American politics, the candidate who spends the most, wins the election,” said UW-Milwaukee Political Science Professor, Mordecai Lee.
And he believes the cash raised and spent in this race could be record breaking.
“The amount of money they can raise is more than gubernatorial candidates’ statewide used to spend within the last ten years,” said Lee.
Darling had a huge advantage, along with other incumbents from both sides of the political aisle.
State law allows incumbents facing recalls to collect unlimited amounts of cash until an election date is set, which for the Darling-Pasch race is August Ninth. Normally, donors can only give $1,000 per candidate.
Darling is using donations and her voice to get her message out.
“What I’m doing is what I was elected to do, which was to protect the taxpayer,” she said.
Third party money is expected to be off the charts, as well.
Mike McCabe, with the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, believes third party organizations could spend well into seven figures for this race alone.
“This will be one of the most expensive races,” he said.