State program to help some We Energies customers with heat costs

CREATED Oct 3, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - We Energies has announced that people can apply early for assistance to pay for their heating through the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program.

According to a news release, We Energies will determine possible benefit amounts through "household size, income level, energy costs and other factors."

As an example, the company said that any family of four that earns about $46,700/year might qualify.

People can call 1-866-432-8947 or click here for more information.

Anyone who applies must have, according to We Energies:

  • Photo ID, including name and address.
  • Proof of the previous three months of income for everyone living in the house
  • Social Security cards for every person inside the home
  • A current energy bill
  • The phone number of the landlord and a rent certificate or statement (if the applicant is a renter and heat is included)