Hints with Facebook Contests

CREATED Oct 29, 2012

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If you're having trouble entering our "Groceries 4 a Year" giveaway, these helpful hints might solve your problem:

Q: I can't enter.
A: The easiest way to solve this is by going to www.tmj4.com/win

Sometimes there may be an error in the URL, but you go directly to that, it should work.

This should appear in a separate tab when you enter that exact URL. If it doesn't, please read below:

1). At some point you may have blocked or chose to hide the contest app from your newsfeed. Because of this, Facebook won't let you access the app. To gain access again to the app, you need to make some changes in your Facebook settings. Go to your privacy settings, you will see a section that says Blocked People and Apps, click on Manage Blocking. If you see the app named Sweepstakes or Contest, unblock it. This will solve the problem for them.

2). If you are on mobile, you might have your "cookies" turned off. For the app to function properly, you need to turn "cookies" back on. Make sure that you have javascript enabled as well.

Q: After trying all of these things, I still can't enter.
A: If you have clicked on the correct link, checked their blocked apps, and turned on cookies, the next step would be to try to enter from another device or browser.