Stuff from the Satellite 3/30/07

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This week we found the slap heard 'round the world, fence plowing and evidence that politics and dancing might not be a good mix.

The slap: and who hasn't wanted to do this.  The Donald versus Vince McMahon. It's all fake.

Was it fake or not?  Comedian Eddie Griffin totals a $1.5 million Ferrari. Tthe cameras were rolling. He strikes a pose. And oh, yeah, he has a movie coming out. No word if the Ferrari owner wanted to do *this.*

Teen vandals on tape.  They call it fence plowing.

Mexico City. The third annual extreme motorcycle competition. The winner, a hero to the 42,000 fans who watched.

That's not your ordinary toad.  It's a giant killer toad.  The size of a small dog. Millions of them are in Australia.

 Los Angeles.   Police in slow pursuit of a dog that shut down rush-hour traffic.  The dog's fine.  They're looking for the owner.

Washington, D.C. Karl Rove on stage dancing.  It was rap. They were laughing *with* him.   It was all in good fun at the correspondents dinner.