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Police search for killers

CREATED Nov 21, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- Milwaukee police are still searching for the two masked gunmen who stormed into a house, shot a 12 year-old and then stabbed a man to death.
The crime on the city's south side happened nine years ago. The family hopes the community can help crack that case.
The holidays are always difficult when dealing with a loss. But the family and Eugene Pettis finds this time of year to be even harder knowing the men who killed their loved one in a violent home invasion have never been caught.
Pettis' family visit his grave hoping one day he can truly rest in peace.
"He was the last person I expected this to happen to," said Pettis' brother, Kevin Pettis.
Back on November 12, 2003 Milwaukee Police tapped off a house near Layton and Burnham on the south side.
Pettis was there visiting a friend. "All I was told two masked men entered the house. They pistol whipped the lady that opened the door. Some little kid was screaming, They shot him in the knees," explained the brother.
After they shot the innocent child the robbers stabbed Pettis several times. "They slit him down his breast area," sobbed Pettis. The victim's niece Olivia Escamilla still struggles with the loss. "It gets me angry to know that person is still out there and could do something like this to another family," said Escamilla. Detective Keith Kopcha with Milwaukee Police Cold Case Unit has huge file with evidence. 


"This proves we're still working the case," said Kopcha. Nine years later detectives are still getting tips. "Whenever there's more than one actor there's a chance they're talking about it with each other and talking with other people," explained Kopcha. Police can't say with certainty if Pettis was the Target.

But it appears he tried fighting off his killers. But Police need a lead, a name or a solid tip. "We haven't forgotten about Eugene Pettis," said Kopcha. If you have any information about this cold case contact MPD's Cold Case Unit at 414-935-1212.