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Getting contractors to finish the job

CREATED Oct 6, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Are you still waiting for a contractor to finish an outside project?

If the job is running behind, you may want to take action now before cold weather halts the job for good.

If you have an outdoor project such as repair or replacement of a roof, concrete driveway or landscaping, now would be a good time to be take action to be sure that the project is finished to your complete satisfaction before winter sets in.

We receive several complaints each year from consumers who report trouble with contractors who either did not finish the job or have not finished it to the consumers satisfaction.

Worse yet, if the consumer waits too long, they may also learn that either the project cannot be completed because the temperature is too cold, or the contractor has gone out of business.

If you have an unfinished project, get in touch with the contractor immediately and follow through until the work is completed.

Do not pay in full until the work is done to your complete satisfaction.

Make sure to get written copies of how the work will be warrantied, as well as lein waivers, before paying the contractor in full.

If you have trouble getting the project completed, contact our Call 4 Action office or other consumer agencies for assistance as soon as possible.