Benefits Of Eating Apples

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Fall means its apple season and as it turns out, an apple a day really may keep the doctor away. Studies show eating apples can reduce many diseases, and there is no better time to enjoy an apple than right now. Registered Dietician Laurie Meyer joins us with more on why apples are so good for us. University of California at Davis researchers found apples are an excellent source of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and prevent cell damage. While apples are fairly low in Vitamin C, they contain flavonoids and phenolic acids that have antioxidant protection equal to consuming about 1500mg Vitamin C! Apples also contain quercetin, pectin, boron, D-glucaric acid and are a great source of fiber. Researchers at the National Public Health Institute in Helsinki studied 60,000 people and found those who ate the most apples were the least likely to develop certain diseases. Apples may lower your risk of: Lung cancer Asthma Type II diabetes Heart disease and stroke Obesity Heart disease and stroke 25 percent Type II diabetes 27 percent Asthma 45 percent Lung cancer 60 percent Flavonoids prevent cholesterol from oxidizing and platelets from clumping, reducing the incidence of heart attack and stroke. Flavonoids like quercetin reduce asthma and lung cancer risk as much as 46 percent. The flavonoids and fiber may also reduce colon cancer. Pectin, the soluble fiber in apples, helps to reduce blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Apples may also help with weight loss and protect against bone loss. Question: Do all apples offer the same benefit? All apples have similar nutrient profiles and benefits, but rome beauty, fuji, red delicious & braeburn have the highest total phenolic and antioxidant activity. --Benefits obtained from eating fresh apples, apple juice, cooked & dried apples --Cloudy apple juice has higher antioxidants than clear juice --Leaving the skin on improves cancer-fighting ability and lowers ldl --Eating fresh apples before a meal aids weight loss by filling you up and reducing the absorption of calories and excess cholesterol. (Is this why Europeans are thinner than us? They eat 2-3 times more apples than us. We eat 20 lbs. per year) --If you eat a lot of apples, buy organic or wash them well to reduce exposure to pesticide residues. The more pesticide exposure, the greater the risk of cancer --Storing apples in the refrigerator does not lower their phytochemical content Question: What are the best ways to enjoy apples? Pork fajitas with apple salsa - sauté strips of pork with onions and peppers; season with cumin, garlic, chili & oregano. Make apple salsa by combining chopped apple, scallion, pepper, jalapeno and lime juice. Fill tortillas with pork mixture and top with apple salsa. Apple cider braised chicken - marinate chicken pieces in apple cider, onion, lemon and herbs overnight. Bake chicken with marinade and sliced apple for one hour. Apple and goat cheese bruschetta - mix goat cheese and thyme and spread on toasted French bread, top with apple slices and drizzle with honey if desired. Crock pot apples - core apples and fill with granola or chopped nuts & apricots; place in crock pot with one inch of water and drizzle with maple syrup. Cook on low 3-4 hours.