State Fair Food Quiz

We put some those tasty treats to the test.

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Most people visit the State Fair for one reason – to sample the great foods of Wisconsin. Favorites among fair goers are roasted corn, baked potatoes and of course cream puffs. But because there are so many foods to choose from, if you’re not careful, you can easily exceed your calorie budget. QUESTION: CAN WE EAT HEALTHFULLY AT THE STATE FAIR? There is something for everyone at the Wisconsin State Fair - the traditional Wisconsin favorites like ice cream sundaes, sour cream topped baked potatoes, cream puffs, apple or cherry pie, cheese and sausage and also more healthful options so you can eat and enjoy yourself and maintain a healthy diet. The secret is to eat small amounts of high calorie foods and fill up on low calorie foods. Remember if you share you get to try more different foods! Take this quiz to prepare you: STATE FAIR FOODS QUIZ: 1. Which of these new State Fair sandwiches is the lowest in calories? a) chicken souvlaki b) Grand Champion burger c) pot roast sammich d) Cuban sandwich Answer c) pot roast sammich 2. Rank these fair favorites from lowest to highest calorie: a) pork loin sandwich b) Gyro c) bison burrito d) grilled cheese sandwich Answer a) pork loin sandwich c) bison burrito d) grilled cheese sandwich b) Gyro 3. Which apple dessert has the least calories? a) apple pie b) apple cheesecake c) apple sundae d) caramel apple Answer a) apple pie 4. Which of these foods has 100 or fewer calories? a) string cheese b) pickle c) cotton candy d) snow cone Answer a) string cheese b) pickle d) snow cone 5. Which of these foods has more than 500 calories? a) cream puff b) funnel cake c) blooming onion d) baked potato w/butter & sour cream Answer b) funnel cake c) blooming onion Here's the breakdown of all the fair food calories. Chicken souvlake=400 Grand Champion burger=1000 pot roast sammich-=330 Cuban sandwich=570 Pork loin sandwich=290 Gyro=500-600 bison burrito=300 grilled cheese=440 Apple pie=400 cheesecake=500 sundae=340 caramel apple=298 String cheese=75 pickle=5 cotton candy=100-200 snow cone=60-80 Cream puff=300-350 funnel cake=800 blooming onion=1000-1300 potato w/butter & sour cream=380