Dance Team 4 - Week 1

Packers voice Larrivee, dance expert review Driver on 'Dancing with the Stars'

CREATED Mar 20, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - He’s a star on the field, and now on the dance floor.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver made his debut on Dancing with the Stars Monday night. Dance Team 4 watched his routine and will critique his steps throughout the competition.

Dance Team 4’s Albina Habrle is one of the best ballroom dancers in the country, and owns Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Milwaukee. Habrle says Donald Driver has a lot of raw talent.

“He is a great athlete and has great awareness of his body. He also has a natural rhythm,”  Habrle critiques.

Donald Driver started out the fourteenth season of Dancing With The Stars, dancing the Cha Cha. The dance is fast, designed around quick movements and speed changes. Habrle says it’s a great dance for Driver to start the competition with and believes he handled it extremely well.

Dance Team 4’s Wayne Larrivee, Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Voice of the Packers," also feels Driver did a great job.

“I was really impressed with him and thought he was outstanding,” says Larrivee.

Larrivee also comments on how polished Driver came off during his performance, though the Dancing With The Stars judges each gave Driver sevens, earning him a total of twenty-one out of thirty possible points.

“The judges weren’t nearly as impressed, but I was,” says Larrivee.

Larrivee learned first-hand just how complicated the Cha Cha is to perform.

Every Tuesday morning, Habrle will teach Larrivee the same dance Donald Driver performed the night before. Larrivee and Habrle practiced for about forty minutes before performing on LIVE at Daybreak.

Habrle says the Cha Cha is quite difficult because of its extremely quick steps. She says Larrivee did a very nice job keeping up and pointed out he had impeccable posture.

Larrivee notes Driver practices for about five hours a day over the course Dancing With The Stars, and says it shows in his performance. Habrle says it is rare to see such a new dancer come out onto the ballroom floor with such confidence.

She says Driver took control over the situation and took the lead with his partner which is very impressive. She believes Donald Driver is going to do well on the show.