Thompson continues hammering Baldwin on 9/11

CREATED Oct 29, 2012

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  • MILWAUKEE - The final race to fill outgoing Democratic Senator Herb Kohl's seat is now underway.

    Madison Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and former Wisconsin Governor and U.S. Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson, a Republican, are starting their campaigns Wednesday for November's general election.

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Republican Tommy Thompson is continuing to use the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in television ads against his Democratic opponent Tammy Baldwin in the race for Wisconsin's open Senate seat.

Thompson launched a new ad over the weekend, taking Baldwin to task for a series of votes in Congress against budget bills that included funding for body armor for troops.

His first ad released last week criticized Baldwin for a 2006 vote against a resolution honoring victims of the attacks, even though she had voted nine other times on similar resolutions.

Baldwin's campaign spokesman John Kraus calls the ad a lie and pointed to votes Baldwin had taken in support of body armor for troops.

With the election just eight days away, polls show the race to be a dead heat.