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Thompson cites 'broke campaign' as reason for dip in recent polls

CREATED Sep 18, 2012

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MADISON- Two new polls show a change in the US Senate race between Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and Republican Tommy Thompson.

According to the Democratic leaning Public Policy Polling, Tammy Baldwin now leads former Governor Tommy Thompson 48 percent to 45 percent.  Compare that to Governor Thompson's five-point lead just before the conventions.

Baldwin has also put out a poll done for her campaign that shows her up by five points.

Thompson argued Tuesday that his numbers may be down because his campaign is "broke."

Thompson said just before the August 14 primary, his campaign was negative about $1 million dollars, and that he had to borrow a couple hundred thousand dollars to finish the primary.

"$5 million to zero, you're going to have some impact on the polling.  I don't think much of it.  I feel very good about where I am," explained Thompson.

Meanwhile Baldwin isn't celebrating the shift in polls.

"I've seen polls from throughout the course of the last many months that have been up and down.  We've seen a lot of volatility in it.  What's important to me is the poll that will be taken on November 6."

Marquette University will come out with a new poll on the Senate race, and on the presidential race Wednesday.