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Former Milwaukee Archbishop Dolan straddles political lines with DNC benediction

CREATED Sep 7, 2012

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The prayer that Milwaukee's former Archbishop gave to close out the DNC touched on policy stances that not every Democrat or Republican might agree with. 

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who now runs New York's Archdiocese, touched on a number of hot-button issues.

One of them included freedom of religion.

"Renew in all our people, a profound respect for religious liberty, the first, most cherished freedom bequeathed upon us in our founding," said Dolan.

He has opposed health insurance mandates the Obama administration made on Catholic institutions, mandates that are against church teaching.

Dolan straddled the political platforms of both parties with the issues.

He discussed issues more in lock-step with Democratic platforms as well, such as immigration.

"May we welcome those who yearn to breathe free and to pursue happiness in this land of freedom, adding their gifts to those whose families have lived here for centuries," prayed Dolan.

He alluded to more GOP-friendly pro-life stances.

"We ask your benediction on those waiting to be born, that they may be welcomed and protected."

Cardinal Dolan twice referenced issues of poverty.  He prayed for "the day when a greater portion of Your justice and a more ample measure of your care for the poor and suffering may prevail in these United States."

"A society's greatness is found above all in respect it shows for the weakest and neediest among us," he added.

Dolan also prayed for, by name, President Obama, his GOP competitor Mitt Romney.  He also lifted up prayers for both Vice President Joe Biden and Janesville GOP Congressman Paul Ryan, Romney's running mate.

Both Biden and Ryan are Catholic.

Dolan has said repeatedly that he would not endorse any candidate for President.

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