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Thompson: Baldwin can't move country forward due to her 'extreme policies'

CREATED Sep 6, 2012

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tommy Thompson is blasting Democrat Tammy Baldwin for her speech at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night.

According to Thompson's statement:

"Cong. Tammy Baldwin tonight called for Wisconsin and the nation to follow our state motto of 'forward' but her own extreme policies are a throwback to the failed big government excesses that have drowned America in borrowed money from China, a record $16 trillion debt and 23 million unemployed.

"In the Wisconsin we know you don't spend more money than you have, you don't kill jobs with overregulation, you don't fund a failed stimulus program or massive government expansion on the backs of our children and grandchildren. Wisconsin, and our nation, cannot afford to elect a senator who's considered the most liberal member of the House of Representatives. Tommy Thompson is the proven reformer who's ready to fight for our state and fix the mess in Washington that Tammy Baldwin helped create."

The most recent poll on their race shows Baldwin trailing Thompson by 9 points.