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Organized labor leaders firing up Democrats in Charlotte

CREATED Sep 3, 2012 - UPDATED: Sep 3, 2012

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  • CHARLOTTE - Wisconsin is one of eight battleground or toss up states.

    So why isn't President Barack Obama spending more time on the political battlefield in the Badger State?

    Obama has been to neighboring Iowa seven times this year, but his only visit to Wisconsin was back in February.

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  • "He's got a busy day job, and obviously a country to cross, so it's not a struggle," Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate says.

    Wisconsin Democrats at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte expect to see a lot of the President here and back in Wisconsin before the election.

    The Obama-Biden ticket easily won in Wisconsin four years ago by double digits, but since then Republicans have been a roll in Wisconsin.

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  • "I'm not feeding into that," DNC delegate Michelle Bryant says about hopes the President comes to Wisconsin.

    This is Bryant's second national convention and she's confident the Obama team has been working in the state for months.

    The Milwaukee Democrat was a part of history four years ago when Barack Obama became the first African American president on a message of hope and change.

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  • "In 2008, it was we just need a change," Bryant says.

    "Now, we need people to understand change has occurred even thought you don't always see the direct impact it certainly has happened."

    President Obama captured 66% of the youth vote in 2008 and Wisconsin ranked seventh in the nation in voter turnout for 18 to 29 year olds.

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  • Will they be there this time around? Several college students from Wisconsin are here to help make that happen.

    "I'm seeing pretty much the same excitement across the board," DNC Delegate Zach Bowman says.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C.- Democrats will nominate President Obama for a second term on Thursday night.

Delegates have arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina for the party's convention.

AFSCME's national president Lee Saunders stopped by the Wisconsin delegation to get Democrats all fired up for November's election.

"We are ready to win in November aren't we? We are ready…" announced Saunders.

Wisconsin is no stranger to political battles.  It was ground zero for unions in the state's collective bargaining battle with Republicans.  President Obama called it an assault on unions but he did not campaign in Wisconsin during the recalls.  Organized labor is still optimistic its luck will change in November.

"We have the power and the strength to win - we've all got to believe that," said Saunders.

Saunders also had the crowd in stitches for mocking Clint Eastwood's empty chair interview at the Republican National Convention.

Tuesday will be the first day on the floor for the Wisconsin delegation.  The Wisconsin delegation is about evenly split gender wise, but it says women's issues will be a top priority.

"President Obama wants woman to have insurance coverage for contraception; Mitt Romney wants bosses to make those decisions," said Nancy Keenan, president of the advocacy group NARAL Pro-Choice America.