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Weight Management and Breast Cancer

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Much like proper nutrition and physical activity, weight management is a key factor in the prevention of breast cancer.

To determine what steps you should take in weight management, take the Living Smart Quiz from the American Cancer Society. This quiz will help you determine what, if any, changes you should make in your daily lifestyle in order to obtain a healthier weight.

It’s also important to know your current body mass index (BMI). This measurement looks at your height and weight to determine if you’re at a healthy weight. This number will help you work toward a goal weight that’s healthy for your body.

To use this chart, locate your height in the left-hand column. Read to the right until your find the weight that’s closest to yours. Then follow that column up to the BMI listing at the top of the graph.

While knowing information about your BMI, nutrition and physical activity levels is important, there’s one other tip that can help you along the way - keeping a food journal.

Food journals are a great way for you to keep track of what you’re eating, when you’re eating it and why you’re eating it. If you keep the journal for about a week, you’ll notice patterns in your consumption, making it easier to modify your diet as necessary.

Here are a few tips on best practices when keeping a food diary:


Food Journal Tips

Write down everything you eat or drink, including the amount, size, volume, weight, number of items and approximate calories. Be honest with yourself.

Food Journal Tips

Write down as you eat or drink throughout the day rather than waiting until the end. This way you don’t forget anything.

Food Journal Tips

Be as specific as possible. Did you add any condiments to things? Sugar in your coffee? The more details, the better.

Food Journal Tips

Note the time of day you eat or drink.

Food Journal Tips

Location, location - note where you are when you eat.

Food Journal Tips

Are you with anybody when you eat? Could you be eating for social reasons?

Food Journal Tips

Are you doing anything while eating, such as making dinner or watching tv?

Food Journal Tips

How do you feel when you eat? Are you happy? Sad? Bored?

Food Journal Tips

Were you hungry when you ate?

Source: The American Cancer Society

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