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Nutrition and Breast Cancer

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A healthy diet is key component in preventing breast cancer. Here we’ll discuss tips for healthy eating, portion control and ways to change your favorite recipes to make them healthier. Let this information help you and your family stay healthy.

Seven Tips for Healthy Eating

1). Change your favorite recipes to include more vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Seven Tips for Healthy Eating

2). Limit the amount of sugar, fat and calories you eat.

Seven Tips for Healthy Eating

Make sure your portion sizes are correct. For instance, half a cup of fruit is about the size of your first. For more tips on correct serving sizes, see the information below.

Seven Tips for Healthy Eating

4). Use salad plates instead of dinner plates. This will give you the illusion of larger portions.

Seven Tips for Healthy Eating

5). Avoid eating directly out of a bag or carton.

Seven Tips for Healthy Eating

6). Found a low-fat recipe? Change it up using your favorite herbs and spices. For more ideas, see the information below.

Seven Tips for Healthy Eating

7). For more information on how to eat healthy, as well as delicious and nutritious recipe ideas, visit the American Cancer Society’s Eat Healthy page.


Portion Control

The nutritional labels on food products give you an immense amount of information regarding the food you eat. However, that information is dependent on one thing - the consumer eating the correct portions.

How do you know if your portion size is correct? These guidelines can help.

Make a fist. A serving of vegetables is about that size. Take a medium-sized baseball with you when you shop for apples. That's about the size you're looking for in a serving.
A deck of cards is about the same size as a 3-ounce portion of meat, fish or poultry. You can also take a hockey puck with you when serving a bagel to see the proper serving size.
A pair of dice will show you what an ounce of low-fat or fat-free cheese looks like. You can use the tip of your thumb to measure a tablespoon of peanut butter.


Spice up your dishes

Changing your favorite recipes to lower-fat versions is simple with the right spices. Depending on what you're making, try adding a pinch more of these perfect blends:

Basil tomato dishes, soups, salads
Chili Powder beans, poultry, soups, stews
Cilantro tomato dishes, beans, salad, corn
Cinnamon winter squash, sweet potatoes, cooked fruit, baked goods
Cloves cooked fruit, carrots, squash, poultry
Dill fish, rice dishes, salad dressings, potatoes
Ginger cooked fruit, seafood, stir-fried vegetables, bread
Marjoram fruit juice, potatoes, poultry, meat
Nutmeg beans, apple dishes, seafood, meat
Oregano tomato dishes, broccoli, poultry, seafood
Sage soups, stews, stuffing, vegetables
Thyme beans, tomato dishes, poultry


 Source: The American Cancer Society

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