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  • More Rain & Cold

    The forecast for Milwaukee, Waukesha and SE Wisconsin is for more clouds, fog, rain showers and thunderstorms with highs struggling to hit 40. The winds will pick up as well tonight with gusts up to 30 mph though Friday as this storm system slowly moves out of the region. All of SE Wisconsin is under a Flood Watch until Friday morning with 2-3" of rain expected from now until then. In addition, light snow is expected Thursday night into Friday morning with less than 1" of accumulation.

  • Fog & Flood In The Forecast

    The wet week continues with more showers and even a few thunderstorms expected through the day, Tuesday, as low pressure continues spinning to our Southwest. A frontal boundary extending off that low and meandering to our South will be the focal point for impulses that will trigger the rounds of rain. Brisk Northeast winds will pickup as we go through the day and really whip tonight, keeping temperatures much lower than they were yesterday in the cool low 40s. The transitioning temperature profile of the atmosphere will lead to an interesting potential variety of precipitation Thursday night into Friday with areas of snow, though little if any accumulation is expected. We may have to wait until later Friday and into Saturday for brighter, more quiet, albeit cool conditions with approach of high pressure.

  • Cloudy, cool and very wet through Thursday...

    A very wet pattern has settled into eastern Wisconsin and after a half inch to three-quarters of an inch on Monday more rain is on the way for Tuesday through Thursday. The heaviest rainfall should come in on Wednesday. Skies will be cloudy overnight Monday through Tuesday with some patchy fog and temperatures in the upper-thirties. Clouds will also be around for much of the week. Temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday will be in the low-forties lakeside to middle or upper-forties inland. Colder air rolls in behind the storm on Thursday and that brings a little snow mixed in with the rain. The will be a minor warm-up over the weekend.

  • Rain done for today but a lot more on the way

    Rain showers this morning brought close to a half an inch of water to much of southeastern Wisconsin but showers will diminish by the afternoon. Some folks in the southwest may even see a bit of sunshine working through the clouds, helping bump up temperatures into the mid to upper 50s. Locations in the northeast will be stuck in the 40s under more cloud cover. Clouds thicken up tonight and temperatures remain seasonal for April overnight, hovering near 40 degrees.

  • Active Weather Week Ahead!

    This is going to be a particularly active week, weather wise. The dynamics in the atmosphere from the upper levels down to the surface will support several significant rounds of showers and even periods of thunderstorms through Wednesday. Colder air sweeping into the area Wednesday night into Thursday could lead to even some Wintery precipitation with freezing rain and snow possible. Some locations could see a few inches of heavy wet snow. Locations which usually see flooding should be on alert as rivers will quickly rise to or above flood stage with all the additional moisture coming our way.

  • Days Upon Days of Occasional Showers

    The southeast Wisconsin, Waukesha and Milwaukee forecast for the rest of your Sunday night will be fine during the evening, but with another area of low pressure on the way, we could see a little rain overnight. Overnight lows will bottom out in the upper-30's

  • Decreasing temps, winds and clouds

    We hit 61 degrees on Saturday but with the clouds, wind and rain it didn't quite feel like it. Today we will be cooler but it will feel much better outside thanks to decreasing clouds allowing more sunshine back into the forecast. Winds will eventually be off the lake so temperatures along Lake Michigan will struggle to hit 50 degrees but inland it will be a mild April day with highs in the low 50s. The winds will be calming down throughout the day as well.

  • Shower Ending Later, Dry Sunday

    The southeast Wisconsin, Waukesha and Milwaukee forecast for the rest of your Saturday night has a couple of scattered showers or a T'storm, but those should end late tonight. It will not rain all night either. Skies will then clear out with overnight lows in the upper-30's.

  • April showers but not a wash-out

    A warm front will bump us up to 60 degrees today in Milwaukee but it won't quite feel that warm due to the cloud cover and blustery winds. Rain showers will develop by the late afternoon hours along a cold front. A thunderstorm or two may even develop along the front as it passes through, bringing wind gusts that may top 35mph. Any rain shower or thunderstorm ends before midnight and most locations will only see a tenth of an inch in the bucket, certainly not a wash-out.

  • The weekend starts out mild but turns cooler on Sunday...

    Clouds will be around tonight and temperatures will remain chilly in the low to middle thirties. There will be a little light rain or snow to the north of Milwaukee with no accumulation overnight. Warmer air starts to move in on Saturday as a storm system to the north brings back southwesterly winds to southern Wisconsin. There may be a thunderstorm arpound late on Saturday afternoon or evening and there is a chance for scattered showers, also. The winds will turn more easterly on Sunday and even though there will be more sunshine temperatures drop back into the forties. Showers will return for the first part of next week.

  • Some Rain Saturday, not a Weekend Wash

    The southeast Wisconsin, Waukesha and Milwaukee forecast for the rest of your Friday has quiet, but cooler than average conditions. A few folks will see some clouds with highs in the low-40's for our lakefront communities and Milwaukee temperatures and upper-40's as you head well inland.

  • Fine Friday & The Weekend Split

    After the weak cool front passed through dry late yesterday, our winds swung around more to the West and North ushering noticably chillier temperatures for today. While readings will be cooler, the mercury won't be too far off the mark for this time of year, topping off in the low to middle 40s. High pressure building back in will bring a return to sunshine, finishing off a very quiet work week. That peaceful pattern begins breaking down with the approach of the next disturbance for Saturday and Saturday night. Ahead of the low pressure, growing moisture will bring some rain and even a snow mix overnight with another quick warm up to the upper 50s transitioning everything to rain showers. Things calm down but cool off, yet again, for Sunday.

  • Today's cold front will bring colder air back to Milwaukee on Friday...

    The skies will be clear overnight and the winds will slowly turn northwest to north bringing in much colder air. Winds off Lake Michigan on Friday will take temperatures down again into the forties, although there will be plenty of sunshine. Another storm system rolling in from the west will bring a chance for scattered showers and possible thunderstorms on saturday, especially later in the day. Temperatures with that low pressure system will jump back to around sixty degrees, but they will drop back into the forties on Sunday.

  • Quite Warm, Quite Dry, & Quite Bright!

    A surge of warm air rushes into Southeast Wisconsin today on growing Southwesterly breezes. Readings will rise above average, at last, topping out in the mid 50s. A cold front approaches from the West late in the day shifting winds to the West and Northwest shutting down the uptick in temperatures and ushering in a much cooler Friday. Even with the passing frontal boundary, our dry weather will continue. There's simply not enough moisture to produce any precipitation, yet. The front will produce some cloudiness later in the day, though. We still seem to be on track for a split weekend with the next, best chance of precipitation coming in the form of rain on Saturday into Saturday night.

  • The warmest day of April so far moves in tomorrow...

    Clear skies continue again tonight but southerly winds will keep temperatures from dropping below thirty degrees in most locations. The winds will go southwesterly by morning which means a big warm-up with high temperatures in the upper-fifties. Skies will be sunny to partly cloudy so enjoy the warmest day so far in southern Wisconsin this month. A cold front drops temperatures back into the forties for Friday before a weak storm system warms us back up on saturday with a chance for scattered rain showers. The roller coaster ride will continue on Sunday with another drop in temperatures on northeast winds.

  • Still sunny but still cool

    Sunshine is still plentiful in southeastern Wisconsin but there is still a winter chill in this April air with highs only in the upper 30s and low 40s. At least the winds are not as strong today as high pressure slides across the area, switching winds to being from the southeast by the end of the day. Temperatures will be more mild tonight thanks to a southerly wind, even under mostly clear skies.

  • Ton O' Sun!

    Midweek Wednesday promises to be a transitional day for temperatures around our region. As high pressure slides across the area we'll notice winds shifting from the Northwest to the Southeast later in the day. The growing Southerly component to the wind will stem our chilly days and lead to a warming trend. We'll reach the 40s today but get an even bigger boost from Southwest winds tomorrow. Thursday's highs could pop up to the mid 50s before a cool front slides through the area dropping the mercury a bit for Friday. The very dry air associated with the ridge will lead to more bright blue skies and even Thursday's front should swing through dry. The next, best chance for rain arrives over the weekend, most likely on Saturday. Have a great Wednesday!

  • More of the same for Wednesday...

    The skies will remain clear tonight and temperatures will cool off quickly dropping temperatures into the low or middle twenties. High pressure slowly pushing in to the region will continue the quiet weather pattern with even more sunshine and blue skies for Wedensday. Unfortunately, continued brisk Northwest winds will also usher in more cold temperatures with the mercury topping out in the low-forties. Winds will swing around with a more southwesterly component on Thursday leading to an upswing in temperatures. We should top out in the mid-fifties for Thursday. The next shot at any significant precipitation appears to hold off until the weekend.

  • Still cold but sunny

    You would think that cruel cold joke Mother Nature played on April Fools Day would be over now but the April chill continues today. Highs will be in the upper 30s but thankfully the wind starts to subside by the end of the day and the sunshine will be plentiful. Clear skies and NW winds will keep us chilly tonight with lows expected to drop into the low 20s.

  • Ton O' Sun But Still A Chill

    High pressure slowly pushing in to the region will continue the quiet weather pattern with even more sunshine and blue skies on the way. Unfortunately, continued brisk Northwest winds will also usher in more cold temperatures with the mercury topping out in the mid to upper 30s. Winds will swing around with a more Southerly component midweek leading to an upswing in temperatures. We should top out in the low to mid 40s for Wednesday and low to mid 50s for Thursday. The next shot at any significant precipitation appears to hold off until the weekend. Enjoy the sunshine and have a great Tuesday!

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