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A major winter storm heads toward southeast Wisconsin...

CREATED Dec 18, 2012
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Flurries will be around early tonight and it will stay mild with low temperatures in the low-thirties. Wednesday will be the calm before the storm with cloudy skies and high temperatures near forty degrees. Computer models are projecting a powerful low to form around the Southern Plains and lift an abundance of moisture into the upper Midwest and Great Lakes.  The current track places the storm center in a postion favorable to produce significant snow accumulation in East Central Wisconsin.  The precipitation would start as a rain/snow mix Wednesday night and rapidly change over to snow on Thursday, particularly far Northwest of Milwaukee with cold air wrapping into the back side of the storm.  With warm air wrapping in ahead of the low there should be much less accumulation near the lake in Milwaukee , Racine and kenosha counties as it will rain for much of the storm before changing over to snow.  Strong winds could lead to a period of blizzard-like conditions with blowing and drifting snow Thursday late into Friday morning. There could easily be a foot on new snow west and northwest of Waukesha.

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Milwaukee, WI

Scattered Clouds
Scattered Clouds
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