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More sunshine expected Thursday

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MILWAUKEE- We should see more sunshine today in Wisconsin as Superstorm Sandy moves further away from the state. Our winds have detached from that storm and the clouds have moved east, so sunny, cold and dry are the weather words. Those same conditions will continue on Friday, with high temperatures around fifty today in Milwaukee and upper-forties tomorrow.

November is the last month of autumn for climate data books and is always the coldest of the three fall months in Milwaukee. By this time most leaves are gone, there are no more bees or mosquitoes, no fruits or flowers, and even the birds are exiting south. November is the first month of autumn with average snowfall above one inch, and the end of this month has seen a few big snowstorms in Milwaukee. Normal snowfall for this month is 2.4 inches, and most large snowfalls occur at the end of this month. Normal precipitation for November is 2.71 inches, and on average about two-thirds of this month has cloudy days.

November temperatures can range from 77 degrees which was the warmest on record for Milwaukee to fourteen degrees below zero set on the 29th way back in 1875. The average high temperature for today is fifty-three degrees but drops to thirty-nine degrees on the last day of the month.

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Milwaukee, WI

E at 5 mph

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