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First Batch of Storms Moving Through

CREATED Apr 15, 2012
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This is our initial batch of storms moving through. Luckily the clouds held for most of the day stopping the lower levels of the atmosphere from getting too warm. That was key in limiting supercellular development. The batch of storms that has been working its way through parts of the area has been strong, but this is not a major severe weather outbreak. These storms have actually helped again along with the clouds in mixing up the atmosphere for the time being, limiting more major development.

We are not out of the woods though. There is still a slight risk of severe thunderstorms. What that means is that anything that does develop has a slight risk of containing some hail or high winds. Not everyone will see severe weather tonight. The main area of focus is still out in Iowa and Minnesota. Once this develops, it will track its way into parts of Wisconsin. This area may completely miss southern Wisconsin, but it bears watching. Overnight, most of the severe threat should be over. Again, not everyone will see severe weather.

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Milwaukee, WI

Few Clouds
Few Clouds
NNE at 8 mph

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