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A Few Milder and Quiet Days

CREATED Jan 14, 2012
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The southeast Wisconsin, Waukesha and Milwaukee forecast for the rest of the night will have a few flurries in it, but overall, it shouldn't contain much in the way of problems. Skies will be mostly cloudy, but with the colder air in place lows will bottom out in the low-teens.

Sunday will be fairly quiet beside a bit of breeze. Skies will be partly to mostly cloudy, but the temperatures will pop up to around the freezing mark which is above average. Again, those highs will top out in the low-30's.

Sunday night a warm front will be approaching. This could bring us a little patchy freezing drizzle overnight. Lows will bottom out in the mid-20's.

Monday looks to be the warmest day of the week until things become colder after Tuesday. Highs will top out in the upper-30's. There's a chance of a little wintry mix of some drizzle, really light rain or light snow, but most of the day should be quiet.

A mix of rain or snow could start to develop on Monday night.

Tuesday looks like a fairly good chance of snow, but still no guarantees yet. As of right now, we could see up to a few inches. This could change if the storm system gets stronger or takes a different track. What we're trying to say is keep up with the forecast as things could change as we head into Tuesday.

After that, things get much colder. A little dusting is also possible on Thursday and Friday.

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