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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I went because it was gonna be a good time with friends, but it turned out to be a lot more.

A friend of mine (Susan introduced us a few years ago) invited my wife and me to join his table at the Black and Blue Ball the past weekend. It's a Harley Davidson themed fundraiser for MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association).

Our host for the evening, Dr. Tommy Korkos, is second guy on the left. That's his company, Plastic Surgery Associates. The name should be fairly self explanatory. Susan's Husband, Dr. Patrick Koenig on the far left... Dr. Brian Butler on the top (looking good) and the only guy without and medical degree, me, on the far right.

My wife once asked me why these guys invite me to stuff all the time. I just explained to her that I'm a really good time. I think she's still confused.

The event was a blast. I don't ride, but I've certainly known many Harley Davidson enthusiasts over the years. I wore my late father-in-law's sweet looking vest. I thought I pulled it off. You could argue, perhaps I didn't but whatever. I liked it.

So of course Tommy knows everybody, right? I mean everybody. He's that guy. "Hey, I want you to meet... Oh... you've gotta say hi to... Vinny, have you met..." All night.

He says let's get a picture with Willie G.

Sure, Tommy.

No... let's go say hi. I'm thinking, is he talking about the Willie G. I think he's talking about? And if he is, I don't want to go bug the guy.

He was, and we did, and it wasn't a problem... since of course Willie G. Knows Tommy by name.

Yeah, Willie G. Davidson... of... well... those Davidsons.

Even better, Willie G. starts reminiscing with Susan about the 95th Anniversary Ride. Susan was on the Southwest leg with Willie G. and his gang, and he remembered her.

So good times, but that's not all. The evening was inspiring. Not just because Milwaukee pulls off such a cool event. Not even because we met so many cool people.

It was inspiring to see the generosity that, even in tough times, is still out there. Children with an assortment of illnesses related to MD were part of the program to talk about how much they appreciated the contributions people made that evening. The more these kids talked, the more people gave.

We're told the event raises in the neighborhood of $800,000! WOW!

It's so easy these days to say it's just not a good time... so many people gave generously on this night. Congratulations to all of them, and to all the volunteers who helped make it such a special evening.

Thanks again to my Doctor buddies for having me. I have a PHD in Comedy. Does that count?

Check out more pics on my facebook, plus a link to Susan's video blog for the evening.






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