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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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At least I know it's boring to other people. That's the first step to getting better.

I stopped mid-sentence, and said to Craig, "Never mind. I know this is excruciatingly boring. I'm sorry."

He asked a simple question during commercial break this morning about lawn care. I did what I do... launched into a full explanation siting examples about different kinds of grass, their growth rates, responses to fertilizer etc. Realizing that's not really what dude was looking for, I checked myself partway through. Susan thought it was hilarious.

That said, they may laugh, but I'll let the pictures of my lawn speak for themselves. These were from last summer at the peak. I believe, August.

I don't know when my obsession with lawn care took root. I do recall always being interested. When I was a kid, there was this guy on Robertson Street in Wauwatosa who had bent grass (golf green) for his lawn. Seriously. Front and back yard was a golf green. It was sweet.

I recall as a youth dropping the blade on my dad's manual reel cutter to its lowest position, in an effort to achieve the same effect on our lawn. Oops. I shaved a line through our front lawn that may still not have recovered! I didn't know there were different kinds of grass to be cared for in different ways. I did learn that rather quickly that day.

If you're not interested in any tips... you can stop reading here. Want a few recommendations from me on how to get your lawn in shape quickly... here you go.

STEP 1: Get rid of those weeds! First priority. Lawn cannot thrive if weeds are robbing it of nutrients. I'm a Scotts man. It's about time for "Step 2" in the 5 step process. Get it. Apply it. Kill those weeds and feed your lawn. If you're anti-chemical person, that's cool. Rip those things out by hand, then. Get 'em at the root. Then hit the lawn with some Milorganite for feeding.

STEP 2: Frequent mowing. I go twice a week in opposing directions without bagging. This is certainly more green, and allows the clippings to feed your lawn.

STEP 3: Water that thing. Lawn needs an inch per week. I say that's the minimum. It's a pain, and can run up your bill... but it can't be green without water.

STEP 4: Aeration. Not to late to get it in for spring. They say it's one of the great things you can do for your lawn. I do it every spring and fall. No shame in hiring that job out.

STEP 5: Roll it! The "stadium" designs are only achievable through "rolling." Many riding mowers come equipped with rollers, but it took me forever to find a roller for my walk behind. The link is below of the Lawn Stryper. Locally invented and produced product. Love it.

Happy to take your suggestions too. This blog is posted on my Facebook page. Join the conversation. Leave a comment about your lawn or whatever.

Or... ignore me like my wife, coworkers, and friends when I start talking about my lawn. I take no offense.





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