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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Don't listen to 'em... 'losers.'

Yeah, that's essentially what a couple people called you, especially those who heard about this blog because you follow me on Twitter or Facebook. You're real 'losers.'

I'm hopeful you read Duane Dudek's article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this week. He did a piece on local broadcasters use of social media, and quoted Susan and me.

A few readers left comments after the online version of the story. Some were nice. A couple were nasty, and pointed not only at the "human teleprompter" news anchors, but also at people who may follow us through this blog and/or social media.

I've included a few pictures of that 'loser' I work with, Susan Kim and this 'loser' tweeting away on opening day at Miller Park.

First my retort, then my defense of you and me.

I found it interesting one of the respondents suggested people who spend time in this space could better spend it connecting with, ", friends, co-workers and other people who really matter." So here's a guy reading the news online taking time out his "family, friends, co-workers" interaction to tell all of you... you're losers. Hello Pot? This is Kettle. You're black.

Now I'll defend all you 'losers' who waste time here and follow me through social media. First off... just because you surf the web a bit doesn't mean you're somehow deficient in personal relationships. Certainly if you remain locked in your mom's basement without employment, social life, friends, or familial contacts... we should talk. But really. Is everybody who reads a blog or follows some interesting people on Twitter somehow lacking in their personal lives? I hope not.

I hope you read this blog to gain more information about something we mentioned on the news. Maybe you want to read a point of view with which you agree... or even better... disagree. I hope some of the posts make you laugh. Nothing wrong with any of that.

Now I'll defend myself and my colleagues. One comment read, "What is a news anchor? A human teleprompter. Nothing more, nothing less."

If that's all I am, then I'm not a very good news anchor. If all I do is sit out there and, " the news..." then I'm not doing a very good job. In fact, this person's disdain for our presence in social media actually makes the point for us being there!

Twitter, Facebook, email, they're all ways I interact with you. I seek and receive input from you: my readers, my listeners, my viewers, my... customers. I don't want to be a "news reader." That's why I'm out here in cyberspace, making connections with people.

My colleagues and I do not sit in an ivory tower not to be approached, contacted, or questioned. We're in this space to reach out to all of you. What you say, think, do, offer, and contribute matter to us. They help us better reflect the needs and views of our audience. That's not a marketing ploy... that's our job.

From you I have received: news tips, background information on important stories, corrections to errors, story ideas, perspective, approval, disagreement, encouragement, entertainment and some laughs.

I live here. I was born here. I grew up here. My family lives here. My oldest friends live here. This is not a game for me. It's not the news. It's life... always has been.

So thank you, 'losers,' for reading this. Thank you for following me on twitter, or checking out my pictures on facebook. Thanks to those of you whom I've had the pleasure of meeting at events. Thanks to those of you who have offered kind words of encouragement when you see something you like. Thanks, even, to those of you who have written critical messages. Many of them make fair points, and some even get me to see things differently.

Thank you for making this a 2-way conversation. As always... your comments are welcome and respected.





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