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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast


...IN MY DAY...

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Remember that line in the Will Farrell movie Anchor Man, "You know... I'm kind of a big deal."

I never want people to think that I think that about myself.

It's why I was a bit uncomfortable in my home town of Wauwatosa last week. I was invited to speak at the Education Foundation of Wauwatosa's annual recognition dinner.

The opening line of my speech was, "We live in a society that increasingly mistakes notoriety for achievement."



I mean, we had someone from Wauwatosa High School (back when there was just one high school) who won the Nobel Prize for Science last year. I guess his calendar was full.

I did share what my wife had to say about all that. "It's EFW. You went to Tosa East, and you're on T.V. People think that's cool. Get over it."

So, on with the day, then.



Each year, EFW gives out tens of thousands of dollars in grants to educators in the Wauwatosa Public Schools. The organization recognizes grant recipients at an event at Bluemound Country Club.

As part of the event, they ask at Tosa Alum to spend the day speaking at schools and end with a speech to the group at night.



What a day! 4 schools. Tosa West. McKinley, where I went to 6th grade. Longfellow, where I went to middle school, and finally sweet Alma matter, Wauwatosa East.

Pictures include shots with the folks from EFW, as well as the principals of East and West. I also got a few here of my interaction with the students. Had fun with third graders at McKinley . They showed me how to use a "smart-board."



Said the grumpy old man: "Smart board? In my day we had chalk boards. The dust from the chalk made you sneeze all day. Someone had to wash them off with a bucket of dirty water and sponge. If you gripped the chalk too tightly and drew a line you made an abhorrent sound that cause hair to stand on end and tooth fillings to tingle. And we liked it!" 

EFW buys stuff like smart boards outside of regular school budgets. I'll tell you... they sure are neat.



Middle schoolers were nuts at Longfellow. I forgot that age is a little wild. Got asked my favorite color, and my favorite Jonas Brother. It's green, and I don't care... 'case you were wondering too.

In a nutshell I told the students that day, and the adults that evening, that I got a first rate education in the Wauwatosa Public Schools. First paper I wrote in college, I got an A+. Not bad.

If some of you Tosa readers want to learn more about EFW, I've included a link to their website. Hope to see you at the Walk/Run at the Zoo on May 8th.


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