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Just 'cause they weren't invited, didn't mean they weren't supposed to be there.

That's where I am on the White House Party Crashers story. Mr. and Mrs. Salahi claim they were invited to the State Dinner that's raised so much controversy. They've produced emails to prove their case.

My analysis, having read them, is that the Salahis were most certainly not invited to the State Dinner. Invited means the hosts of the party request your presence. The emails reveal the Salahis begging a pal at the Pentagon to clear them to attend. That's not being invited. 

That said, it appears the Salahis may very well have believed they were cleared to be there. This woman at the Pentagon claimed she was trying to get them on lists. There was talk of a last minute approval, even.

So the couple didn't just roll by the White House that evening and say... let's try to go to this party.  I believe them, that they thought this person may have come through for them... and they'd head down there and see what happened. What happened was, they got in.

Dan Abrams on the Today Show this morning basically said as long as they didn't lie to get in, they didn't break any laws. We can all choose not to like these two... or how they go about their business... but I really could care less about them.

I care more about someone who works for the Pentagon worrying about a couple of socialites trying to go to a party. Aren't you supposed to be watching the bombs?

I'm more concerned with the Secret Service, the White House, and whoever else was there, not even having their stories straight about who's on what list for this that or the other. I've been around the secret service plenty of times covering Presidential and candidate visits. I always thought they were tighter about their business.

So... not invited... but maybe not party crashers.


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