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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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If the Packers handle today's news like they usually do, it's not going to go well for them.

I don't know if Mike Wood told Coach McCarthy to, "...kick some butt..." or if he told him, "Don't lay an egg."

I don't know if Mike McCarthy really got the guy fired for it, though it sounds like it.

I do know the Packers are already on their way to completely mishandling this story from a public relations perspective. I'm always shocked how powerful organizations can be so woefully mislead in their PR efforts.

What the Packers will likely do is build a bunker, send everyone inside, bar the door, and then shoot at anyone who comes near it. They'll shut it down. They won't talk about the incident, and they'll try to blacklist anyone who asks about it.


Step One: Hire the dude back. Wait... unless there's more to the story that we don't know. If this guy was fired for other, legitimate reasons, then fine... but if all it is was a misunderstanding... then hire the guy back... today... and bring him to the news conference.

Step Two: Take Control of the Story: You don't talk about it, people speculate, assume, and rarely give you the benefit of the doubt. You have to trot out McCarthy, Mark Murphy, and anyone else... but you need them to tell their side of the story, and now! If they screwed up they say they're sorry. If there's more to it, they say what they can.

Step Three: Cover every angle shut it down. The Packers aren't happy this is a story at all, and I don't blame 'em. You want it to go away quickly, it has to be like a band-aid. Rip it off swiftly and completely, and will only hurt for a second, Mess around and pick at it and it hurts for much longer. So they need to do everything they're going to do today, right now. Answer every interview request. Hold a news conference. Address every concern. Today. Now.

You do that, it's over by Sunday. It's essentially a one day story. You try to hide out... this thing will live for days. You hide out, and lose to the Cowboys... it's a big story through next week.

You want to shut it down, you have to play ball.

The Packers may choose to hire Ari Fleischer again, like they did during the Favre debacle, but as a devoted fan I'm willing to provide the above advice for free.

Go Pack.


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