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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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If Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, or anyone from this current Packer Administration ends up getting fired soon, it shouldn't be because of Brett Favre... it should be everything else.

It's not that we lost... it's that we lost ugly again to a previously win-less team making the same mistakes we've been making all year. That's what hurts about the Packers loss to the Buccaneers this weekend.

More dumb penalties. Shoddy special teams play. Poor personnel decisions on defense. Offensive line that can't consistently pass protect. Just a few things I noticed, and I'm just some idiot fan watching the DVR'd game with 3 kids climbing on me.

I guess a lot of those are coaching issues... but I'm not a big fan of whacking coaches mid season. That won't get us to the playoffs either, and somehow we're still in it. 10-6 is in for sure, and a 9-7 team with the right tiebreakers could be the second NFC wild card.

I could see knocking off Thompson... letting the new GM settle in, and if he wants to clean house at the end of the year, so be it.

To me, the Aaron Kampman situation is a microcosm of what's wrong with the Packers. Do these guys just not listen to anyone ever? I was critical of Aaron for being a little too public with his dissatisfaction earlier in the year. That said, the guy is telling anyone who will listen that he's not capable of doing the job Dom Capers is asking him to do on defense. He's giving up touchdowns in pass coverage, week after week, and we keep trotting him out there like that's going to fix itself.

The guy is a defensive lineman! He's not a strong safety. He's not a linebacker. He's a down lineman! Not for nothing, a pretty good one. Great... McCarthy and Thompson bring in Dom Capers and the 3-4 and keep trying to pound round pegs into square holes. They can't make it work!

Either run a scheme you can make work with the personnel you have... or get the personnel you need to run the scheme. But don't keep standing Kampman up in pass coverage and wondering why he's getting beat!

We all could go on and on with our frustrations, but what I see is a team that's not growing. That ought not be acceptable to anyone. Not good, that's one thing. Not improving... not learning... not getting better. That's inexcusable.


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