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I got a lot of response to my blog on Swine Flu, most of it positive.

Usually, people don't need to be invited to tell me I'm full of it, so I can't figure out why I didn't get more dissenting opinions on my swine flu blog. Below are some of the responses I got.

I feel a lot better about things in my corner of the earth. My wife and kids all got the vaccine after standing in line for hours in Wauwatosa. I declined for now, choosing to wait until the vaccine is more widely available. I hope that's soon, but don't mind waiting as long as my people are taken care of.

The picture was taken by Wauwatosa Now photographer Peter Zuzga. It's my wife with Ella and Olivia watching the DVD on the floor. Not pictured, Dad and Max, who had ventured upstairs to the library for a while.

I feel better today knowing they got it. I'll feel way better next week when it's been 10 days and the vaccine reaches its full effectiveness. I'll feel even more better next month when the kids can get their second dose, which is recommended for those under 10 years of age.

FROM DEBBIE: I could not agree more, it should be taken seriously, and hopefully employers are more understanding to those on a tight budget, which like you said, is pretty much the vast majority of the population.  I have daughters who are in the young adult age group who are also susceptible to this bug, it would pretty much devastate their incomes if they had to miss a week of work with no pay (which both will be subject to).  Thanks.
LORETTA IN HARTFORD: Also, I agree with your blog about the swine flu. I have 2 of 3 kids home with probable h1n1 right now, and trying very hard to keep the rest of us from getting it.

JESSICA IN MILWAUKEE: I have to say that I'm a bit torn in regards to the media and swine flu coverage. I feel a bit over whelmed when the news is constantly talking over schools closing, deaths and the lack of vaccine. I am that single mom living paycheck to paycheck, with a toddler in full time daycare. My main concern is my son contracting the flu and I’ll have to stay home to care for him, only to end up with it myself. I cannot miss work or I will be the person you discussed in your blog about falling behind. I'm the parent that’s torn as to what to do in regards to getting my son vaccinated or not. I appreciate the information I'm receiving from TMJ4 about the vaccine, but its definitely in my mind how scary this situation really is, times like this is when I could really use the positive news.

Just a few responses... I'm happy to post more if you want to send them. Hope you all stay healthy.


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