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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I went to the Badger game in Minnesota this weekend.

My wife's insane cousins and their equally nutty friends take a Big Ten road trip every year to watch the Badgers. For some reason, years ago, they invited me. I don't know why they did then, and I don't know why they keep inviting me, but they do.

So this year our trip was to Minnesota to help Bucky beat down the Goldie in his new house. I'd show you a bunch of pictures, but my phone freaked out Friday night, and was rendered useless for the weekend. Storm Team Forecaster and tech guru Michael Fish fixed it for me this morning, along with Dave our I.T. guy, but yadda, yadda, yadda, I don't have any pics.

Following are a few thoughts I have coming off the weekend:

Way to go Badgers. No, we haven't been ripping our way through top ranked opponents, but 5-0 is still 5-0. I think it's reasonable to suggest the Badgers lose to Ohio State, Iowa, and Michigan, but win the rest and that's still a very respectable season. And, I don't think the Badgers are necessarily out of any of those games. Could win one... even two... and then that's really something. 

New stadium beats Dome hands down. They've got some real logistical issues in that place, but TCF Bank Stadium was a great place to watch football. It took us about a half hour just to get inside. They were doing those pretend security pat downs, which slowed everything down.

QUICK ASIDE: You know... the ones where they sort of touch you around the belt-line to make sure you're not sneaking in booze or weapons. Really. About the only thing they'd catch is if someone were trying to sneak in a bazooka. Based on what I saw, this is just another one of these "security measures" that won't actually prevent a motivated person from sneaking things in... but will create a tremendous headache for everyone else.

BACK TO ORIGINAL POINT: Still... as crummy as the weather was, it was great to be at an outdoor football game. They're very proud of their new stadium there. They should be.

Nice rail deal. I'm not saying we should do this here, or trying to take a side on the decades old light rail debate. I'm just telling you, their new train over there in Minneapolis is pretty slick. I flew there and drove back (long story). So I get into the airport, and for $1.75 I took the train directly into downtown. Hopped one bus with the same ticket, and I'm half block from the hotel. Slick, quick, and cheap.

They are nuts for Favre and believe it's their year. The loudest moment at the game Saturday was when that rodent put on a Brett Favre jersey and went running all over the place. The crowd exploded. I thought it was a pretty good bit. Well executed, and funny. Those fans are fired up and ready to hand it to us. Wait 'till Monday we heard. Hope they're wrong.

The stadium conspiracy theory: Nobody likes the Metrodome. They're two down, one to go. Gophers are already out. Twins will be out next year... but what about the Vikings? Some Minnesota fans were spinning a hopeful theory. The new TCF Bank stadium only seats about 50,000. There's obvious room for expansion. These fans believe the Vikings will pay or partner in the funding for an expansion that will grow capacity by about 30,000.

Okay... then, the Vikings will agree to play their games in the new place for 3 years or so. They blow up the Dome and build a new stadium on its footprint. The theory runs out when they begin discussing how anyone's going to pay for it. Still... I like where it's going. I love to hate the Vikings and would not want to see them end up in L.A. or something because they can't get a new venue. Strong rivals are fun.

Still recovering. No. Not what you think. I'm not really a big drinker. I mean, I have mine, but you won't probably find me in a Sheboygan Mayor Bob moment out at the local establishment. No. I'm still recovering from eating. Away from home for 48 hours, and I ate myself into oblivion. I could eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted! It was like being single again! Here is a complete list of the things I ate, beginning with Friday departure: 1 Santa Fe chicken salad from airport. 1 fruit smoothie thing from airport. 2 of the smallest bags of peanuts you've ever seen on airplane. Giant Cheeseburger/fries with pretzel bun at cool college bar near campus. 2.5 Burger King Creschanwiches. 1 order BK french toast sticks. 1 chocolate and fruity kinda scone thing from the coffee joint. Couple of pickles in my pre-game bloodies. 1 Arby's giant roast beef. 1 Arby's roast chicken club. (Great Arby's across from our hotel... old school... you know with the giant hat for a sign). 4 pieces of really good cheesy garlic bread from pizza joint (Leaning Tower of Pizza... funny) Approximately 5 pieces of really bad pizza from the aforementioned pizza joint. And some chips. Another breakfast scone thing. Gas station chocolate chip cookie. Giant burger/fries at BW3's. 8 boneless wings at BW3's. Twix bar and some licorice. That's some good eating. 


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