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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Isn't it a glorious phenomenon when there are several different things on at the same time?

It occurs from time to time, particularly if you've got "the cable." A perfect storm. Two, sometimes three things you wouldn't mind watching... all on at the same time. ESPN, FSN, Golf Channel, TNT, Bravo, MoviePlex, TBS, AMC, etc, etc... the alphabet soup of a fine cable lineup.

Very often the ingredients in this perfect storm are viewings that do not require your full attention. A movie you've seen a hundred times... in fact... you have the DVD, but just never throw it in. Maybe it's a sporting event you're just casually following. Anyway, you flip back and forth every time the current selection hits a commercial. It's kinda like a buffet. Just a taste of a bunch of different meals.

This past weekend was fantastic. Kick it off Friday night with 3 way navigation between the Packers pre-season game, the Brewers getting a win over the Pirates, and Golf Channel's HD replay of the day's action at the Barclays. It's important, when viewing sports, to have a hierarchy... a pecking order... you know... a primary view with secondary options.

Friday it was Packers pre-season in the driver's seat. Breaks included quick back-and-forths between Brewers for score updates (although I had Koplien at the game texting me) and then to Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey for phenomenal shots of the skyline backdrop over really intriguing golf.

Saturday night... it was cinematic bliss. Caught between My Cousin Vinny, and Rocky III. Clubber Lang! "Hey sucka! Hey chump! Nobody's talkin' to you old man. Pain! I monna buss you up!"

That's all. Two great nights, but I still think the grand champion of this simul-viewing phenomenon has to be the night Marquette got railroaded out of the Super Dome in the final 4. Too depressed to party, and too cognizant of the 24 hour drive home, my crew and I headed in early after working that night. The television selection saved me. Jaws and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


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