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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Here's why putting kids in promos is sometimes more trouble than it's worth.

It took more than an hour to shoot that 30 second spot with Susan's kids and mine. That's just the shooting part. As detailed in my earlier entries, there's a lot of stuff that goes into the effort before we even get there... so it's a tough process.

Our guys assembled a few of the out-takes from the shoot. Getting 6 kids to cooperate is no easy task. Mostly it was the twins causing trouble. Max didn't want to stand still, and Olivia didn't want to be there at all. Her few moments when she wasn't crying, she was grabbing my microphone... or yelling at her brother.

Ella kept complaining that her hair hurt. As it turned out, Susan's little devil Alex was pulling her hair. That dude was having a good old time! He's quite the golfer too. Ask Susan. Gabrielle, Susan's middle child, managed despite the frontal tooth loss. Cute as ever. It might have all fallen apart if not for Madeline... Susan's oldest. She said most of the lines and held it together for the kids. You do see a moment of frustrated stage father in me. It was cold. The kids were all nuts. We hadn't eaten dinner (we usually eat at 5:00) and for Susan and me getting up hours before dawn, 5PM is pretty late at night.

Well it sure turned out nicely. I appreciate all the kind emails about the kids. I've passed them on to the promo boys Jim and Clark, as well as their boss. Given the response, I'm sure you'll see the kids in a future promo... God help us.



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