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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I think people are genuinely surprised sometimes that when they click "send" their email actually gets read by people.

We've all sent emails we regret. I sent an intra-office communication once that got me a day off from work... but that story is to be shared with close friends and colleagues over adult beverages. Sorry folks.

Just another friendly reminder here that you really ought to think and breathe before you send that nasty note. Here's a dude who emailed the show Monday... wait for it... because he didn't like my suit/tie combo.

Subject: Vince's outfit is bad this morning!!!!!!!! (that's 8 exclamation points... in case you were wondering)


As long as u live do not ever ever wear that blue window pain suit with that different color blue tie!!!!! (5 exclamation points on that one) Heads up, it is deplorable!! (hmmm... just two?) U usually do a great job. However, today you blew it!! (two again) u must re-adjust immediately!!!!! (5 more that time)

Nice. I'm not having a debate here over the merits of the suit. Some people like it. Some people don't. I'm just astonished that some one was so offended by the fashion that they took the time to write something like that. If I saw some dude anchoring the news in a velvet jump suit I couldn't imagine taking 10 minutes out of my busy life to send an email like that.

Well... crabby emailer apparently wasn't counting on... well... maybe anyone reading his note. He surely wasn't counting on Susan reading it on the air. Susan thought it was hilarious and chose to share it with the class. The following morning, we received this note.

Subject: S. Kim

Vince I am extremely sorry that Susan read the email on tv. I felt like crap the entire day. I had no idea she would have read it on tv. Please forgive me. However, you are the main reason why I look at todaystmj 4 news because you keep it lively. But I must admit today your outfit is wonderful and you look very nice and modern.

Keep up the good work Vince!! I am such a Dork so please forgive me!!

His second last sentence... yep... just wanted to throw one more fasion take in there for me.

No worries dude... but just so you know... I like that suit, and plan to keep wearing it.





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