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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I was big time stuff yesterday.

I played in a golf outing at Blue Mound Golf and Country Club.









As a kid growing up in Wauwatosa, I used to ride my bike to Mayfair, or tennis lessons at Tosa West, or baseball games at Whitman and stuff. I always remember riding by the venerable Blue Mound Country Club and thinking how beautiful it was. I also remember thinking it was a place I was highly unlikely ever to visit.

Well, even at Bushwood Country Club (Caddyshack movie reference) they opened the pool to the caddies one day (1:00-1:15 if I remember). I kind of felt like that yesterday as I rolled up to play in this event with Susan's husband Patrick and some friends I've met through him.

Tommy Korkos was our gracious host, and will, I imagine, get a big kick out of seeing I wrote a blog about the day. This guy is nuts. He knows everyone, and therefore believes he ought to introduce you to everyone. I spent all day shaking hands. Everybody knows him. Everybody loves him. You know, he's that guy.

When you're with him... you're the guy with that guy. You're at that table. You're in that group. This cat is something. Wouldn't you know our group finished 2nd for the day! Just a couple of strokes away from glory. Makes me think I could have made a few more puts... but couldn't you always.

Here's the foresome... from left to right Brian, me, Patrick and Tommy. What's with the hat, you ask? I know you're thinking... buy a hat like that I bet you get a free bowl of soup (another Caddyshack reference). I'm pretty sure he got it in Ireland or something. So it's way cooler than it looks. Thanks to Patrick and Brian for a great group, and to Tommy for bringing us together. 



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