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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Susan and I will anchor both Live at Daybreak and Live at Noon from Miller Park on opening day.

Like any job, this one has its crummy points. I love my work, and love the people with whom I work, but let's be honest. This is still my job, and who wouldn't rather be golfing?

That said, there are a few really good days that make those tough days worth it. Friday is one of those days. It's opening day for our Milwaukee Brewers, and Susan and I will spend it at the ball park talking baseball.

When I was kid, my brother and I once scooped up some gravel from the warning track at County Stadium and took it home. We just wanted to see what a real baseball field felt like. We wanted to take a piece of the Brewers home with us. I think our pants probably went through the wash with pockets full of gravel, but whatever. At least for a while we thought it was special.

I wish I could go back and tell that kid all those years ago, "Kid, don't bother with that. It's going to get a whole lot better. One day, you'll be standing out there."

Of course kid Vinny would assume that meant his dream of being a big leaguer was about to come true. After the initial disappointment wore off, I'm sure kid Vinny would have been excited to learn what would become of his life.

Okay, that got a lot more sappy and reflective than I intended. What I really wanted to do was let you know our plan for the day. As always, we've been working for weeks with the Brewers to line up live guests to join us. Here's our tentative plan, of course subject to change for any number of reasons.

Today's TMJ4 Sports Mistress Jessie Garcia will join us live for Daybreak. She'll have highlights from Thursday night's game, as well as relevant baseball angles. 

Susan and I will interview Gary Vanden Berg at about 5:20 AM. Gary is the grounds director, and it's always fascinating to hear how he gets that grass so green, so early. We'll also be asking Gary about the new outfield grass that was laid down in the off-season.

Rick Schlesinger, Vice President of Business Operations joins us at 5:50 AM. Rick will talk about all the new stuff at Miller Park this year, as well as special deals to get in to see the Brewers for less this year. When we were growing up, the most you hoped for in the off-season was that they fixed a few leaky pipes at County Stadium and maybe painted over the splinters on a few of those wooden seats in General Admission. Now, there are multiple improvements to the ball park every year, and new attractions for fans.

Tom Olson, Director of Sportservice joins us at 6:20 AM. We'll be talking with him about the new dollar menu stand, among other things. I will also ask him to reveal the recipe for Secret Stadium Sauce. I don't expect him to reveal it, but I have to ask the question.

Brewer TV Analyst and Director of Brewers Alumni Dave Nelson will join us at 6:50. Gotta love this guy. He's a lot of fun to talk with. I've been thinking about something I've wanted to ask him. Dave played for a bunch of teams in his career, including Cleveland and Kansas City. I wonder what it was like playing for a small market team back in the day, compared to now.

Our Noon show will feature some heavy hitters, including Sports Meister Lance Allan. Please watch anyway.

Joining Lance will be Brewers Manager Ken Macha and Brewers General Manager Doug Melvin.

Brewer owner Mark Attanasio is scheduled to join Susan and me at about 12:10.

That's our plan. Of course it will all come to you in "glorious HD" live from Miller Park. Hope you join us. Go Brewers!



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