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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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This morning, I was honored to take part in Milwaukee's first local newscast to broadcast in high definition... this picture not withstanding.

It's a big deal. I can't begin to explain the technical challenges our engineers have overcome to achieve what we did this morning, and from here on out. I really can't explain it, because I don't understand it myself. I just know that it's highly complex, and required a ton of work.

So now we're H.D.

Today's historic broadcast went off virtually without a hitch. Of course the hitch, ended up being me. Early in the first segment of our news at 5AM, we inadvertently popped out of video during a Susan read, and there I was... yawning.

Do you know how many things have to go wrong at the same time for that to occur? It's staggering. First of all, I have to yawn. It probably doesn't happen any more or less often than you'd think, but it does happen. When Susan is reading, I'll prepare to move to my next story, and in doing so will take a drink of water, straighten my tie, adjust my chair... any number of things... and yes, when so moved, I will yawn.

Well combine that specific moment at exactly the right time with exactly the right technical issues, and everybody got to see my tonsils. The good news is my doctor called and said I no longer need that esophageal scan I was going to get.

So my apologies for the yawn. Won't be the last time I get caught in a moment like that, but it was the first time in HD.

TV critic Tim Cuprisin of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote we had no major glitches this morning, "...except an inadvertent live shot of Vitrano yawning in glorious HD at 5:03 a.m." Here's a link to Tim's blog.

Now more than ever I'm reminded of a college professor who said something that's always stuck with me about the technical aspect of what we do. I can't remember if it was her line, or if she was quoting someone else, but Professor Judy Smith said, "There comes a point where advanced technology becomes indistinguishable from magic."

In other words, at some point the mind can no longer grasp why this stuff works. It just does. So enjoy Today's TMJ4 in "glorious HD."




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