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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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It's heartwarming to know there are still a few things left that live up to the hype.

Everyone I know who's had a Disney experience says it's still all of that, and now I can add my family to the list.

My wife and I took our oldest daughter, Ella, to Disney on Ice this weekend at the Arena. It was everything we all hoped it would be. I could care less, but as parents know you go to watch your kids have a good time. I'll admit, it wasn't like when I took Ella to her first Brewer game... where I actually cared about the event itself.

Still, experiencing the Disney machine in motion is remarkable. I imagine it will be like that on steroids when eventually the kids are old enough to make the pilgrimage to Orlando. I mean attention to every detail is paid. Even the guys selling candy and popcorn appeared bright and cheery. I think Disney is probably the closest thing we have to magic.

I will share this funny thought that occurred to me... at least... I think it's funny. So at one point, the characters from Finding Nemo skate out. There are skaters in fish costumes flying around. The kids are screaming and waving their over-priced neon light things. The kids see Nemo, and Dorie. I see a couple of widely accomplished skaters dressed up like fish.

That's the point that kills me about this show. I mean, if you're good enough to make a show like that, you've got to be a pretty great skater. Someone who's capable of skating at that level surely has been skating his or her whole life. When you do something like that for so long... you've got to be thinking Olympics, right?

I'm going to be in the Olympics one day. I'm going to be America's sweetheart or heart-throb. I'm going to win a gold medal... maybe two gold medals. I'll do individual and pairs. I'm going to be on the Wheaties Box.

Instead... here's somebody putting on the candlestick costume... or maybe Nemo thinking... I was going to the Olympics... instead... I'm putting on a fish suit in Milwaukee... in February... and it's the second time today I'm putting this outfit on... and there's an evening show to boot. What the heck happened to me?

As my buddy Craig pointed out when I was dropping this knowledge on him... there's really no in-between in the skating world is there? I mean, there's Olympic competition, and then there's... fish on ice.

So here's to the fish, and the guy in the Buzz Lightyear outfit... and the guy who was the donkey looking thing in Lion King... it may not have been your dream... but you make a lot of kids' dreams come true every time you skate. That's worth something.




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