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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I'm receiving more emails on viewer reaction to the Inauguration yesterday. Here are a couple more. Please keep them coming. I'll post as I receive more.

Mike is in... where they were watching at work out in Wauwatosa:

"...myself and about 30 colleagues stopped to watch.  I was moved not so much by his speech which I felt kind of fell flat or was hyped too much, but more by the crowds.  There are so many people who are putting so much on this presidency not so much for its historical meaning (which is grand), but because so many people feel powerless.  Powerless over what is transpiring globally and domestically.  So much fear exists and I feel like people were carrying this fear and uncertainty on their own shoulders for the past 4 years and metaphorically just transferred that "weight" onto President Obama's shoulders.  The President is now Atlas carrying the weight of a nation and my fear is that people will turn when things perhaps don't transpire as quickly as they desire or believe."

There was more... but I wanted to get this other response in as well... here's from Lisa, a teacher who watched with her class:

"When I noticed the subheading ANGRY EMAIL, my first thought was that someone was emailing to complain the inauguration was interrupting “Days of our Live!”  I know how those soap opera viewers can be…

Then I read Becky’s email and I sort of wished it had been one of those soap opera people.

I watched the oath and speech with our first and second graders this morning.  Seated on the floor directly in front of the TV listening intently was Sebastian, who in 40 years might look just like President Obama.  I wondered what was going through his head…or the heads of any of our other young students in the room.  No matter what their teachers told them, they probably don’t completely understand they witnessed history, but they will some day.  I was proud to share the moment with them.  Many times in my life I have thought about where was I Reagan getting shot, bombing of that federal building, 9/11, Columbine, Challenger blowing up…regardless of your politics it’s nice to have something happy and hopeful to remember from here on in life."

And finally, here's a note from Donna, commenting on the new Presidential Limo:

"We were watching at work and all feel he should get a Pope Mobile.  That way we could all see him and he would be safe in this crazy mixed up world."

Please keep sending your thoughts. I've enjoyed reading and sharing them.



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