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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I was the public address announcer for the Marquette game on Saturday.

I'm not a "Jack of All Trades," but I am a jack of several trades.

I used to do public address announcing in high school and college. You know, the guy on the mic at the game who does the starting lineups, etc. It's a blast, and I've always enjoyed doing it. I will still announce some Tosa East games from time to time, though I haven't done so much since the twins were born.

I happen to know the Deputy AD at Marquette, Mike Broeker, pretty well. He was in a jam to fill the spot for the regular guy, and he tapped me. What a great time, but that's a hard job!

First of all, it's stressful, especially when you're not the regular guy. I really didn't want to screw up, and I don't exactly know the drill. Fortunately at that level, there's a lot of help.

My man Craig from the Athletics Department was a huge help. There's a script for everything that's not game action. It's not like doing high school ball where the timeout gives you a chance to catch your breath. The time-outs are filled with sponsors, give-aways, contests and other announcements.

On top of all that, I'm short! I need a booster seat next time I'm at the table! I also violated a Cardinal rule of sports-table workers: I dumped my soda. Fortunately there wasn't much left, and nothing shorted out. Can you imagine?

Hey... did you see when the scoreboard went out during the Marquette game? Yeah... I guess some idiot at the table dumped his soda. Caused a 2-hour delay in the game.

No nothing that bad. So thanks to Marquette for inviting me. Hope you'll have me back. Not to mention... heck of a game. They could really have something going this year. James is spreading the ball, Matthews is as big as a house, and McNeal's downright out of his mind! 4-0 in the Big East? We'll take it!

Thanks to my man Morry from the A.P. for popping this picture. I must say it causes one to wonder what exactly I'm looking at?



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