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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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I'm constructing what is not yet, but could become the best fort ever.









That's a bit of hyperbole, of course. Even as a youth I did see better forts than the one I'm currently constructing in the front yard. That said, it's certainly the best fort I've created in my daughter's young life.

Primarily, the structure is one chamber with a main entrance and then a side tunnel. Ella is able to sit up completely and easily maneuver about the interior. She comfortably makes her way in and out of the tunnel.









There was consideration of  a skylight, but I abandoned those plans for two reasons. First, I feared it would decrease the R-value of the insulating snow. It's actually quite toasty in there, and I felt it was important to maintain that. Second, there were fears of a skylight damaging the structural integrity of the fort. Safety first. Can't have it.

There are plans to, perhaps, add a smaller, side chamber to the north. Frankly, we need more snow for that to happen. We could import snow from other areas in order to expedite the process, or we may simply wait for the next snowfall.

Or "we" may not really do anything. I finally understood that father who buys a train set for his kid that's not really for his kid. You know... it's more for dad.

I may have taken a dangerous step in that direction yesterday. There's Ella yelling to me from the top of the snowbank:

ELLA: Dad... I need help getting down.

DAD: (Digging out snow from the main chamber) Okay, just a second Ella.

 ELLA: But day, I'm stuck.

DAD: Okay... just a second. Daddy's still digging this out so you can have fun in your fort.

ELLA: Daddy, I want to get my sled. Can we get the sled.

DAD: Sure... just as soon as I dig this tunnel. Isn't this great?



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Milwaukee, WI

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