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It's not that they made a fatal error (which can, but shouldn't happen), it's that they don't get they're partly responsible, and they don't care that everyone else knows it.

13 month old Christopher Thomas lived a trying and even tortured life, but for the time he spent with a loving couple from West Allis who wanted badly to adopt him. That adoption was blocked, for reasons that have yet to be sufficiently explained by the authorities who work for us... the taxpayers.  

That's not even why there's an update today. The latest comes from Crocker Stephenson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Here's a link if you want to read it. Stephenson has been detailing his struggles to get answers from people who owe them to us, and here's another indication of just how inaccessible they are, and how unaccountable they feel.

Stephenson's article today states that the Logan's foster home license is on hold, while officials evaluate Darlene Logan's mental health, as well as the, "couple's contact with the media."

The Bureaucracy Strikes Back! Translation: How dare you tell the truth! We operate in anonymity. We are not accountable to you or to anyone. We will now investigate you, to shelter ourselves from those who wish to investigate us. 

My favorite part of the article today is the stand by the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare's contention that Mrs. Logan has some sort of mental problem, because she so badly wanted to adopt little Christopher. Stephenson quotes documents wherein a caseworker wrote Logan up for asking too frequently about adopting the child. "This worker explained the reasons why they were not able to adopt that child several times, and it seemed that Ms. Logan was not able to grasp the concepts explained to her," quoted the article. The quote continued, "...she did not seems to understand what was being explained to her."

I'm sure she didn't understand what was being explained to her. No one understands. No one understands how a child being cared for by two loving foster parents could be ripped from that home and placed with a blood relative who apparently had no ability to care for him. Far worse, if the facts are as authorities allege, that woman killed the child. She abused and killed him.

I'm certain Mrs. Logan didn't understand why people who work for Child Welfare could so consistently act in opposition to what's best for the child!

I don't know any of these folks at Child Welfare. I'm sure they're underfunded, and they're certainly unappreciated. No one notices them until they screw up, and that type of existence can grow tiresome. Fine. I grant you all that. Just don't compound this tragedy by hiding from people rightly seeking answers, and punishing those who perhaps were the best thing that ever happened to Christopher Thomas in his short life.




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