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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Ella met a real witch on Saturday in the Milwaukee Holiday Parade.

If that doesn't make a lot of sense to you, imagine what it must have been like for that 3-year-old!

As I've written, lately, Ella has had witches on the brain since before Halloween. She is both terrified and intrigued by them. As I blogged earlier, she recently visited me in the middle of the night declaring there was a witch in her room. So needless to say, Ella was probably not prepared to meet any real witches, much less meet one at the Christmas Parade!

Here's how the picture (right) came to be. Courtny, Ella and I were rushing to get out of the cold and on to one of the waiting school buses provided for parade participants to stay warm before things get started. A volunteer pointed us to a nearby bus, where some others had already gathered.

I could tell there were some "characters" on the bus. Looked like a large, furry creature of some sort (possibly a lion) and some other people who's costumes I couldn't make out. On to the bus we hustled... shaking off the cold. Already inside were, a couple of other media types, Geoffrey the Giraffe from Toys R Us (with his head off) and the entire cast of Wizard of Oz.

First she saw the lion... and then she saw the witch. I thought her brain was going to explode!

Can you imagine? How completely out of context. You're going to the Christmas parade thinking you might see Santa... you get shoved on this bus with a bunch of furry critters, and a freakin' witch! A witch. A real gosh darn witch!

So we got past that... and had a great time. The air was cold but the greetings from folks along the route kept us warm. Ella braved the cold and the witch encounter like a champ. My wife, mother-in-law, and twins all managed to handle the elements long enough to see us go by.

That last pic is a couple of nice ladies from the parade route whom I promised I would put on this posting. Thanks ladies.

Now with that first real snow behind us. Let the holidays begin... just... no more witches 'till Halloween 2009.



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