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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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We're all frustrated by yesterday's loss, but we could be okay.

I was telling people Tuesday I thought the Brewers win the series in 4 games. I actually felt like we'd take 2 in Philly and lose on Saturday here at home. Wrong.

It could still be the Brewers in 4, but a couple of poor decisions derailed that plan.

Yes, decisions. I know. We've all been saying it was silent bats and poor defense. Both true. Those event occurred due to poor decisions by Dale.

I like Dale Sveum, and think he's done a fantastic job. For some reason, however, yesterday he looked more like Ned Yost. Ned's always been a stats man. He looks at the numbers, and is loyal to them to a fault. Lefty/Righty match-ups. Individual match-ups. This guy hits better on the first Wednesday of every month where the forecast is cloudy. Whatever stats Ned looked at, he bowed to.

We can get an accountant to do that. We hired a manager. Dale's a great baseball man. He should go with his gut. That's why you're there.

2 changes I'd have made yesterday, and one I would make today:

1) Rick Weeks does not see action unless he's pinch running late in the game. He can't hit. Pitchers who can throw strikes will get him out (don't give me this... "he draws a lot of walks" garbage). We all know he's a liability in the field. In fact, yesterday's little league style boot that opened the flood gates in the third, was the same stuff Rick's done all year. It wasn't his fault. It was Dale's for playing him. Durham is better on one leg than Rick is on two. Plus he's a veteran. Play him! It's why Doug got him for you.

2) Bill Hall doesn't play either, unless you need him to pinch hit against a lefty. Craig Counsell is wearing 2 World Series rings, and was a critical element in helping both his teams win those championships. He plays every game... period.

The change I make today: Corey Hart, have a seat. I like Corey. He's a great competitor, and he's one of the reasons we're where we are, but it's not happening. Corey doesn't have a hit since August. He's a great glove in right field, but that's not enough. There's another great glove who's in the opposing club-house right now by the name of Geoff Jenkins, because the guy just couldn't get it done offensively. Corey, we'll take our chances with Tony Gwynn Jr. for right now.

One other note. I had written that Ben Sheets needed to man up and throw through pain. Well... credit where credit is due. He did try during that Saturday start, and that's what we got. The guy's hurt. He threw anyway. He wasn't effective. We lost. I do respect that he went out there and tried. Don't think it didn't matter though. Because of that we had to throw CC on Sunday, instead of resting him either for Game 1 on short rest, or game two on full rest. Now we're up against it.

I'm hopeful. Still think it can be the Brewers in 4. Dale needs to have the courage to actually manage this team. Don't go with the computer, and the stats, and the match-ups, and the garbage. Go with your instincts. Use the Force Luke!

Go Brewers.



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