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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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Packer fans seem firmly divided when it comes to Brett Favre.

Seriously, it's civil war. It's brother vs. brother. Fan vs. fan. Green vs. Gold!

Before I list a few of your emails, and thank you for them by the way, I also want to make this point. It appears we're facing two separate questions here, and they have two separate answers.

Question 1: Whose fault is this? Do you blame Ted Thompson? Do you blame Mike McCarthy? Do you blame Brett Favre? Do you blame all of the above? Blame the media! Even the most hardy fans among us seem to disagree on the answer to this question. It will be debated through the ages.

Question 2: What do we do now? The answer to this question must be reached independent of your answer to the first question. Ultimately, Question 1 is fun to debate but doesn't matter when it comes to winning football games. Who gives us the best chance to get to the Super Bowl and win it this year? Some people truly believe that's Aaron Rodgers. Others think that's ridiculous. I'm not advocating for one position or another in this entry... just pointing out that Ted, Mike, and Brett need to arrive at an answer to Question 2, regardless of their position on Question 1.

That's where I'm at today. How about you?

Brent in the Fox Valley: "The Favre/FSD is right on the mark.... And what are you denying about Favre? He needs to ride the tractor... get in the booth... whatever... the Favre era is over my man.... It sucks... yes... because we were so good together... but yes, time to let the new guy have a shot.... Don't deny it my man."

Bradley in Greendale: "I'd tell my friend, sister or daughter not to let Brett's occasional indecision ruin what had been an incredible 17 year relationship.  while he might have been one of the best boyfriends ever, he's still a man.  he's still human.  who among us has never questioned our feelings?  I'd tell her not to let recent events cloud her judgment.  I'd want her to never forget to remember the great times only a guy like Brett could deliver."

Anne in Delafield: "We all knew a FSD in that position ... in high school !!! And that is what the latest Favre news reminds me of: the “he said/she said” that goes on in high school corridors."

Michael: "Brett, give it a break! My God you had a great career , stop acting like some #$@#$. I got so tired of at the end of every season, "Was Brett going to retire?"


Fay: "As much as Packer fans want to think that Bret is just like them and an every-man; hes not. Hes a diva and is acting like one."


Lisa: "No ifs, ands, or buts, I would welcome him back with very wide open arms!"

Mary: "Here’s my current bottom line:  bring him back.  Ted, Mike & Brett have to be locked in a time-out room and not come out until they can display a unified front (ooooh, that would be a team concept)  Don’t care if they slap each other silly, just get it out of their system, kiss and make-up, then shut-up and move on."

Cathy: "He does appear to be the sports world's diva, ala Cher.  How many comeback tours has she done?  I like the guy and would take him back, but to do what to us after the season...oh yeah, the tractor watch."

Thank you all for your emails and passion. Keep 'em coming. As Mr. Lombardi said, "God, Family, Green Bay Packers!"



















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