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Vince Vitrano: Not For Broadcast



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In an earlier entry, I found the Brett Favre situation analogous to a break up between two long time lovers, and the latest interview with Favre is like the lovers agreeing to meet for dinner.

We all have strong feelings on this. Whose fault it is. What to do next, etc. I may get to that eventually, but for now I'll just offer an extension of the analogy I outlined before.

He broke up with us. He ended it. Lately he's been texting, and calling. He's been telling friends he wanted to get back together.

We are still hurt, and have moved on, but for whatever reason we agree to meet him for dinner.

When we see him, despite all that's happened, despite all that's been said... when we see him, our heart flutters a bit. He looks good. He seems a bit sad. He clearly regrets breaking up with us, and admitted he did so without fully thinking it through. He's sorry he hurt us.

It's so good to hear his voice. Maybe we were unfair. Maybe we did push him too hard for a commitment. Maybe he didn't love us any less, but just needed more time. Maybe it was our fault.

No... no... be strong. He said he was done. He said he was tired. He said he didn't want to do all the things that go into having a healthy relationship. He liked some things... you know... like the "physical things." Apparently that's all he wanted to do. He didn't want to go with us to our sister's wedding. He didn't want to take care of the house, and eat dinner together. He just wanted to come by for a little love once a week. Even he recognized that wasn't fair.

But he looks good... and sounds good... and we've missed him. We probably won't ever find anyone that's as good as him. We could just take him back. We could end it all and just take him back.

No. No. What would people think then? We'd just have to go through this all over again. We will not take him back. Or maybe we will. We don't know.

It was good to see him, though. We sure had good times.



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